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At Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County, we have one full-time staff member, our Executive Director Norma Menard, and a few part-timers whose job it is to support the work of the REALLY important people in our organization–our dozens of  community volunteers who bring passion, dedication and skill to the work of tutoring others.

LVCC serves adult learners over the age of 16 who live in Clinton County.  Our tutors work with both native English speakers (BL), and with non-native English speakers (ELL).  They also work with learners who want to improve their math and digital literacy skills.

All tutors attend a 12-hour training, usually spaced out over four sessions of 3 hours each.  After being trained, tutors are matched with adult learners, based on interests, and days and hours of availability.  The expectation is that the tutor-learner pair will meet for two hours each week.  Tutoring sessions can be scheduled for our offices on the SUNY campus, at a local library, or other public setting.

If you are interested in becoming one of our trained tutors, call our office to find out more, or send us an email about your interest using the contact form below.  (Be sure to give us your contact info!)


If you’ re interested, get in touch with us—because we’d love to “pick you!”  Thanks!



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