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2:30 – 4:30

Join us on the first Thursday of each month for Tutor Café gatherings!  Please drop by, share experiences, exchange ideas and have a good time together.

A little background music and light refreshments will set the stage for our get-together in the classroom, where tables will be set up café style.

Drop by if you can!  Call Marita with questions.  518-564-5332.

Our Tutor Café will be open the 1st Thursday of every month.



It's a Big Deal!!

On Wednesday, February 12th, Dr. Jean Ann Hunt, a member of the Teacher Education Graduate Program here at SUNY, led a 2-hour workshop for tutors, staff, and especially learners, entitled Writing Our StoriesTwo more Wednesday sessions will follow, and after that, the learners will work individually with tutors and staff to polish their stories for publication this Spring in our Visions and Voices compilation of student work for our annual Recognition Event in May!  (And this year, some of these works will be read aloud at the event by students in the Theatre Department here at SUNY!)

Jean Ann gives us the picture...

Jean Ann gives us the picture…





...and we make it our own.

…and we make it our own.






With some clarification...

With some clarification…









...and revision!

…and revision!








On Tuesday, February 11th, Carol Newcomb, a relatively new but very busy tutor here at LVCC, gave us the benefit of her extensive computer experience and led a 2-hour hands-on workshop–Using Microsoft Word–for tutors, staff and learners. For some, it was their first  introduction to word processing.  For others, it was learning about new tools added to Office 2013.

Either way, we learned a lot — thank you Carol!  If anyone who missed this session wants to learn more, please let us know.  (Carol apparently has a hard time saying ‘no’ when asked for help!)

She gives us some of the basics...

She gives us some of the basics…

...and we puzzle out more with her help!

…and we puzzle out more with her help!

Yes, I Can Read!




On November 13, we hosted a workshop led by author and educator Linda Weisman. Her recently published book, Yes, I Can Read!, was the focus.

Author, Educator and Reading Counsultant

Author, Educator and Reading Consultant





Hard at work...

Hard at work…




but having fun

….but having fun

...while thinking deeply!

…while thinking deeply!







Teaching the Writer  was

First, Jean Ann warms us up!

First, Jean Ann warms us up!

a special workshop for our tutors

led by Dr. Jean Ann Hunt on October 30th


Then we get to work....

Then we get to work….



in small groups.

in small groups.










Barb' s product...

Barb’ s product…





and Don's product!

and Don’s product!









BREAKING NEWS!ringing bell color

We now have four laptop computers for the classroom as well as the two desktops.  And we have headphones and audio splitters for all of them, so you and your learner can both listen to the same audio.  We hope you’ll enjoy this as one more way for our learners to achieve success in reading, writing, math and speaking English (practice, practice, practice!) at the same time as they develop necessary computer skills.

The Rosetta Stone, a premier language-learning program, is now available on all classroom computers, and we’d love to introduce it to you if you’re interested.  (You can even try it in Spanish if you want a more authentic learning experience!)

One of our great volunteers, Barb Grimshaw, put together a very good list of websites that your learner and you might enjoy visiting.  We’ve selected a few of those sites for your review, and you can see the short list by clicking right here!   Some websites for you




Starting September 18th, all Wednesdays are “Tech Time” Wednesdays here, and our college interns will be available in the classroom from 9:00 to 4:00 to help any learners or tutors who want to use the computers!


We had an Enrichment Workshop for our ELL Tutors!

On Wednesday, August 21, Dr. Yong Yu, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education in the MSEd Program here on campus, and a new member of our Board of Directors, led a two-hour enrichment workshop especially for those tutors who work with adults learning English as their 2nd, 3rd or 4th language!  (We call these English Language Learners or ELLs).  Then we shared a lunch of pizza, cucumber salad and fresh fruit.  Thanks Dr. Yu, and thanks to all who attended.

Dr. Yu and

Dr. Yu explains some terms for us

And we take it all in . . .

And we take it all in . . .

. . . and think about it. . .

. . . and think about it. . .






And then on to pizza and conversation!

… and then on to pizza and conversation!


And here are some of our regular Tutors at work with their regular Learners—


Small-group instruction

Small-group instruction

Tutor "Don"

Tutor “Don”

Some smiling learners!

Some smiling learners!





Tutor "Lonnie"

Tutor “Lonnie”

Tutor "Donna"

Tutor “Donna”

Tutor "Starr"

Tutor “Starr”





Tutor "David"

Tutor “David”


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