The 24th Annual Literacy Challenge!

a IMG_0730Scott, Lindsey, Renee and Matt did it again in 2016!

Wow! AuSable Valley Teachers (Scott Taylor, Lindsey Bombard, Renee Rhino and Matt Fay) did it again at our 24th Annual Literacy Challenge on Saturday, March 5th at the Champlain Centre Mall!

It’s the 4th championship in a row for AuSable Valley Teachers, and their 5th over the competition’s 24 years!

The Literacy Challenge is our signature event, held each year since 1993 at the Champlain Centre Mall on the first Saturday of March, co-sponsored by Sunrise Rotary and the Press-Republican.  Local service clubs, college faculty, high school teachers, professionals, and groups of friends field their team of four members.

How does it work?

This event is an all-day affair that begins at 12:00 noon with four separate elimination rounds at each of four “game” sites in the mall, and moves on to quarterfinals, semi-finals, and a “final four” competition. In late afternoon, the two best teams compete in a final championship round.

The question and answer format involves seven categories: Literature, Sports, Social Studies, Science, Current Events/Popular Culture, Music and Art.  Each year local experts donate their time to create a new and challenging question and answer pool.

Though lasting several hours in all, the competition itself is fast-paced, with two teams simultaneously facing off against one another in 15-minute stretches at each of the four game sites.  Volunteers serve as Quiz Masters, Judges, Time Keepers, Hosts and Runners at each site.

After a question is read by the Quiz Master, teams have five (5) seconds to buzz in, and once recognized, another five seconds to answer. A correct answer is worth ten points. An incorrect answer or a buzzing-in followed by no answer is penalized five points.

The “bragging rights” associated with winning the championship are taken seriously by competing teams, and some practice in advance. But most of all, teams enter to support the only game in town (Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County) that’s been addressing on a one-to-one basis the needs of our adult neighbors who want to learn to read and write, and those neighbors who want to learn English as their new language.

So how will your participation help our work?

First, it will add interest and excitement to the “public awareness” component of our event—and that’s very important!

Second, your team’s registration fee of $300 will be put to good use as we help more adults live independently in a reading and English-speaking world.  (If your group has more courage than cash, we look for a business to help “sponsor” your team.

Past Literacy Challenge Champions

  • 1993    Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
  • 1994    Medical Society
  • 1995    Mountain Lake PBS
  • 1996    Malone Federation of Teachers
  • 1997    Malone Federation of Teachers
  • 1998    North Country Girl Scouts
  • 1999    Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
  • 2000    Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
  • 2001    Press-Republican
  • 2002    Medical Society
  • 2003    Clinton Community College
  • 2004    Medical Society
  • 2005    Peru Lions
  • 2006    Peru Lions
  • 2007    Medical Society
  • 2008    Peru Lions
  • 2009    Peru Lions
  • 2010    NYSRTA-NEZ
  • 2011    AuSable Valley Teachers
  • 2012    Peru Lions
  • 2013    AuSable Valley Teachers
  • 2014    AuSable Valley Teachers
  • 2015    AuSable Valley Teachers
  • 2016    AuSable Valley Teachers (Congratulations!!)